Speed of execution: How to get more done and stay ahead of the competition


Implementation velocity is how quickly you implement something new that you have learned. For example, if you have learned something new for your business or something in your life, the speed of implementation is how quickly you implement it. 

If you can increase the speed of execution, and do things faster after you learn them, your business becomes more flexible as you can test new theories and ideas, and you can adapt to new changes in the market.

Speed of execution: How to get more done and stay ahead of the competition

You can test things out so fast that your competition can't keep up. Just a random example, Facebook sometimes changes the way Facebook ads work and a lot of people sign up very quickly. Large companies tend to wait months, sometimes years, to implement new things as small companies can test a lot of things ahead of time. 

Large companies generally have a slow speed of implementation because there is a lot of bureaucracy and levels in companies before processes and ideas are approved and implemented. In large companies, tasks are done more slowly.

I assume that by reading this, you are most likely running a small business or just starting out. You should be able to make the most of the high execution speed because most likely you are on your own and can make a decision and implement it quickly. If you don't, there are a few ways to improve or fix your execution speed.

Trust your operations

In my business, all the processes and things I do are well documented in a way that they are done the way they are, and they work, even if I replace someone in the company or if I don't make an operation myself. 

What this means is that I have a lot of time, mental RAM, energy, and focus on spending new processes and making things work for myself. I care about my company more than anyone else.

If something new comes up, I am very determined, and have the focus on time, mental RAM and energy to implement it. By its nature, this means that my work has a very high speed of execution. You can copy this and have your processes well documented so that people can take on each other's roles in the company. 

You can do this so that you don't have to go from many people in your company to get things done. Even if you work for a big company, you can make a deal where you can test anything you want as long as it doesn't break things and as long as it's just a small test to see if it works. These are the type of deals that can succeed even in a large company and can increase the speed of execution in a large company.

Perform Quickly


If something new comes up, or some new information comes up, and you want to get it done quickly, what I recommend is to run a process on how to do new ones. What happens is that you are able to make things work and solid, so you don't change much, on the first try.

If something works on the first try and you're able to turn the training video or documents into a solid process that defines how the process runs from now on, that's great. This is the difference between a company that can grow to only seven numbers or a company that can grow to eight numbers or more.

I see this over and over again. The higher speed of execution, combined with the factors you mentioned, improves the speed at which your business can grow because you can test more things and you can get into new developments faster. 

This means that you outperform your competition and things get done quickly. This is where you want your company to be.

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