Combine Instagram and Email Marketing for Business Promotion in 2022

Email marketing is one of the most successful traditional marketing techniques that are still useful and effective. 

Combine Instagram and Email Marketing for Business Promotion in 2022

Its main advantage is that it goes well with modern digital marketing techniques such as content and social media marketing. 

This enhances the value and results of the marketers' efforts.

Undoubtedly, social media can now operate on its own using automation techniques, but it will achieve much better results when strategically paired with other components. 

Social engagement is the backbone of all content initiatives now, as platforms and functions such as Facebook remarketing and LinkedIn promotions open doors to opportunities for creating better customer lists. 

Instagram, in its own way, is also slowly joining the league as the best tool for marketers for promotions and lead generation.

Instagram with Email Marketing:

There is a real possibility that Instagram marketing will go well with email marketing. Although many modern marketers tend to ignore email marketing and challenge its acceptance as a powerful promotional channel, experienced professionals who know how to create the right mix of strategies bring the desired results.

 Although Instagram gives social marketers quick access to brand enthusiasts, email marketing remains a direct communication method that a company can use to reach its target audience.

Ideally, a digital marketer who manages various technologies can use Instagram as an ideal sales channel through which a business can generate leads. 

Email marketers can take on these leads and work on them through the sales channel to convert them to purchase a product or service.


However, this is not an easy task. The marketer needs to gain knowledge and experience to know how it works in real time to enjoy the expected results. 

Let's discuss some of the top email marketing tips that will boost your Instagram promotions efforts.

1. Identification of lead magnets:

Have a meeting with all your team members and run a brainstorming session to determine what is most important to your customers and what are the common problems they face.

Although you may not be able to solve every problem, you will get many points to work on. Try to come up with solutions like this to develop a large number of potential customers.

Start with simple coupons and move to educational e-books, and your potential customer will deliver the requested personal information in a split second. Whether you consider it a major attraction or an acceptance option, the main goal is to have a target group.


If they find a real good steal, you'll start seeing names and email IDs pouring in. Now, how will Instagram help you with this digital marketing strategy? It's very simple. People see promotions on Instagram with attractive photos and this will increase your Instagram followers. They go to the bio and then click the link to land on your website.

2. Create a landing page for Instagram:

It is important to think about where you are leading your Instagram followers. Everyone might think of a company's website, which is the usual practice. 

However, it is ideal if you can redirect your Instagram fans to a dedicated landing page where they can easily access all your offers. 

It removes any potential confusion for customers who would otherwise have to browse through the various web pages on your site to find what they're actually looking for.

An Instagram landing page found to have 40% of potential customers. Once you receive your users' name and email ID, you can instantly deliver what they're looking for in the form of free valuable content or promotional coupons via email. 

They will then start enjoying the benefits of sharing, and you can also take advantage of the same users to expand your customer base by adding more followers to your account through user referrals and other offers.

3. Instagram Bio:

On Instagram, it is not possible to add a link or call to action on posts. The only place you can add a link is in your Pages bio. 

To do it the right way, think of a short and attractive description of your business or specials and include a tempting call to action as well. 

The resume should be attractive and stimulating to form an emotional connection with your clients. They have to learn about your unique brand and then click on it to get to the landing page and share their contact details so that we send them letters or emails.

4. Instagram contests:

It is also important to discuss Instagram contests, which are very popular among users. Create interesting contents that bring more traffic with your existing followers.

Using the above strategies, we can get the required information to send the emails and messages to the potential customer and start an email marketing campaign offering various offers and deals that will get huge traffic to your website.

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