6 effective ways to get free visitors from Instagram 2022

 Instagram is an arena where content creators compete to present their creativity, and one of the most influential sites among users from almost all countries of the world. It ranks third in the list of the most popular social networking sites and has armies of celebrities and influencers.

The Instagram application uses more than one billion and 300 million users and has more than 200 million working accounts, and it is noticeable that these numbers are constantly rising.

Even though it is an app that provides primarily visual content, it clamps down on links and only allows them to be added to the minimum.

But by following some simple tricks, you can get thousands of free Instagram visitors, and this is exactly what we will try to explain next. The next lines will bring you creative solutions to get more visitors from Instagram completely free of charge.

We will also discuss how to take advantage of all the Instagram tools to double the traffic on your website or blog. We promise you maximum benefit and a practical solution that you can apply immediately upon closing this page!

Now let's start explaining how to get visitors from Instagram through 6 different means, and how to use each method effectively to gain thousands of visitors to your blog, website, or even your online store.

1. Biography

6 effective ways to get free visitors from Instagram 2022

Bio or bio is the main key in this list to your goal, which is to get free visitors from Instagram

It is the most obvious place where you can add only one clickable link, this link can be direct to the site or blog, it can be a link to one of the campaigns you are running in the current period, or it is your best selling product.

Here are a set of effective ways to take advantage of the Bio in attracting visitors to your site:

1. We know you want to put your homepage link in the front, but adding a special link that directs followers to the topic or product you promised in daily stories or posts is more impactful.

This is because the Instagram audience is more interested in visual content, so if you direct them to the home page of your site they will feel lost, and will not be able to access what they were looking for or what they are looking to watch.

Therefore, we advise you to change the link in the bio from time to time according to the nature of the campaign on your site, or the most popular and selling product in the current period.

2. Improving the function and role of the link added in the bio would encourage followers to click on it. This is not a general statement but rather the personal experience of Well and good, the fashion and lifestyle company.

Where the traffic to their site from Instagram increased by 179% than normal after they resorted to programs to improve and manage links in the bio, so how can you manage the bio link, and make it achieve the maximum number of visitors possible?

Of course by using a few tools that help, mostly for a fee, but we recommend trying Later's Linkin  .bio tool,  which has a free plan.

This tool will enable you to design a page with all the important links for your website or online store and to easily control and modify them according to your marketing goals at a specific time.

Instead of an Instagram user visiting a link to a specific page on your site, or visiting the home page to find themselves distracted, they will visit a page specifically designed to direct them to important links for your site or online store.

3. We know that talking about valuable content can be a bit repetitive, but we want to stress that the previous or next steps are useless in increasing traffic from Instagram if your content is boring and uncreative.

Take care of providing good content on Instagram in general, focus on providing advice and displaying your achievements and sales, try to listen to the opinions of your followers, and participate in solving their problems.

Content is the primary motivator and the only step for your follower to decide what to do next, either go to your bio and click on your link or leave the page altogether!

4. Due to the importance of the link in the bio, you should also make sure that it is easy to access from all types of phones. Considering that one hundred percent of the visitors to the application enter by phone, easy access to the site must be ensured.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool helps you to know if your web page, suitable for various phones or not? The tool is free.

2. Publications

6 effective ways to get free visitors from Instagram 2022

Publications or posts are the interface of your account on Instagram, and thus the interface of your site. It is the first thing that a visitor starts browsing after the bio. If what you provide is worth it, you guarantee a new visitor to your site completely free of charge.

Next, we will provide some suggestions and ideas that will help you draw attention to your site from Instagram butt to be able to benefit from these suggestions, make sure that you create a business account and not a personal account, and let's begin...

1. The Insights feature is very useful for following your account just like on Facebook, it helps you to know the gender and age groups of your followers, the most attractive posts to them, and more.

This data is useful in developing plans and strategies for managing your account and thus attracting followers from it to your site because knowing the most interactive posts is your main way to get the desired interaction and number of visits.

2. The images used in your postings must be made specifically for this purpose, as we have already indicated; the Instagram audience cares about the visual factor most, so design impressive photos and videos of high quality, and their sizes fit the Instagram platform.

A tool like Canva enables you to adjust your photos and videos to the dimensions that suit Instagram without falling into the trap of cutting or cropping any part of it.

You can also resort to photos and videos that you have taken yourself, but be careful with the quality of the camera used and adjust the shooting positions. If you have a friend who has experience in photography, you can help them.

You might think that the above is too general and talking about image quality can be exhausting, but you might change your view when you know that 130 million Instagram users click on shopping posts each month. What drives these people mainly to click on this type of post is its quality.

3. The explanation or the Caption of the image is one of the elements that you have to pay great attention to. The visitor can read no more than 15 words before pressing See more. Here we need an explanation that prompts this visitor to complete the reading or an explanation that does not exceed this number of words in the first place.

Before you write what's on your mind in the description box, ask yourself which Caption do you prefer to read over this type of post? I prefer the Caption that motivates me to express my opinion or provokes me to learn more.

For example, if the publication is for a news site reporting an earthquake in one of the most important capitals in the world, leave all the details you want to convey on the image, and in the description write:

“Share with us details about the most dangerous earthquake your country faced” or “to know the most important effects of the destruction left by the earthquake, click on the link in the bio.”

3. Daily stories

6 effective ways to get free visitors from Instagram 2022

Stories feature is your third key in this list to visitors from Instagram, and unfortunately, many fams, ous brands,s, and marketers forget to use this key. We hope you don't, too.

According to TechCrunch, as of January 2020; Nearly 500 million users post stories daily, this statistic shows us the great interest of app users in daily stories. So how do we get the most out of Stories?

1. Spread regularly and daily to motivate people to click on your site link in Bio, this is your sure way to reach the largest number of the target audience.

The daily Instagram story disappears after only 24 hours as we all know. Therefore, omitting your post for days may delay you in the order of appearing with followers who are interested in your niche.

As opposed to you posting regularly which will always put your content in the top rank on the app.


2. You should involve the audience in what you are offering and avoid the process of advertising your site becoming a routine and urgent process. Always ask questions...

Example (Which color is your favorite blue or red? See more cool colors by clicking the link in Bio). You can also create polls with a CTA phrase for visitors to participate.

3. Adding a location to the daily story you publish will bring you more interest and followers in your field of specialization.

For example, imagine that you own a website that sells books. And I took a picture of you from a public office that hundreds of people visit every day. Can you imagine the amount of interaction on this story and thus on the site?

4. The hashtag holds the same importance in daily stories as it does in publications. You have to use it well and smartly. Do a thorough search of the most important hashtags for your industry.

We recommend that you have a hashtag that blogs from 500 to 800,000 posts, more than that will cause your stories to disappear quickly due to the high demand, and the least of that are hashtags that are not popular enough.

We also emphasize that not all images or content that you provide in daily stories with hashtags appear in the post pools on the app. Where the application imposes conditions regarding the quality of the images and the percentage of interaction on them in order tom.

5. One of the creative ideas to take advantage of the daily stories feature is to share the stories and publications of others on the application, especially if they have clarity or several followers close to the number of your followers.

People do not like to follow an account or visit a site that insists on visiting constantly, and its account is only an advertisement for the site. Share sharing also brings you more interest and free traffic, and avoids you from falling into the trap of “brand burnout”.

6. What if one of your daily stories got an unprecedented reaction in the first hours of it being shared? You can easily make it a part of your page by installing it in the highlight.

Highlights are daily stories too but they are pinned which anyone who visits your Instagram can see. Pin the most prominent, important, and most interactive daily stories.

We also advise you to divide these highlights according to your site or blog tote the presentation of products or services to the visitor.

7. Swipe up is the only feature in daily stories that allows adding a link, but you will only be able to benefit from it if you have more than 10 thousand followers on the account.

Follow the previous steps tor account to take advantage of this feature.

4. Influencers

6 effective ways to get free visitors from Instagram 2022

Instagram is the favorite application of influencers, on which they periodically share their photos and diaries, as well as advertisements for various products or discount codes on many sites. That is, influencers rule Instagram without a doubt.

As it is known, influencer marketing is one of the effective and successful ways to increase traffic to websites. But we all also know that they charge a lot of money to accept marketing offers, and our list here is free.. How can the equation be achieved?

1. Do a good search for the influencer that fits your campaign. Your choices should be based on the influencer’s reach, several followers, and target audience. All of these factors must match the campaign you are going to run.

2. Most of the influencers, especially the big ones, have a price list for the post, video, daily stories, and so on. But fortunately, this doesn't quite match up with the less popular and reach influencers.

Since your site is young and your project is in its infancy, we expect you to deal with influencers in your area or town, you can start by giving these influencers gifts or giveaways from the product you are selling in exchange for free advertising.

If this influencer has 100,000 followers on Instagram, for example, you will notice a rise in traffic on your site as soon as this influencer announces your free product, especially if this product is characterized by high quality and value.

This method is one of the most effective ways to get visitors from Instagram because it does not appear in advertisements directly.

For example, chocolatier Lindt collaborates with severalluencers, including fitness professional Lucy Mountain, who has nearly half a million followers.

Thanks to the company's free giveaways, most of Lucy's shoppers at chocolatier Lindt think it's not advertising! This is because neither party has explicitly disclosed that this cooperation is act agenda.

3. If it works out and you seize the opportunity with one of the influencers and get their attention, do not forget to quote these free advertisements and install them in the highlights to permanent benefit from them.

5. Video clips

6 effective ways to get free visitors from Instagram 2022

In 2021, about 78 percent of mobile users share videos compared to other types of content on social media. This statistic gives us a quick glimpse into the importance of videos in general and Instagram in particular.

There are two types of videos that can be shared on the application and make the desired benefit from the followers' access to the site or blog. We will discuss the two types in detail.

First IGTV videos

It is a newly launched feature of the app that allows adding videos that can be longer than 30 minutes.

Important information about the IGTV feature:

  1. What is the difference between IGTV and regular Instagram videos? IGTV is a newly launched feature that allows you to add longer videos, with full-screen capability! So it is the property of creators in the first place.
  2. The main thing to know about this golden feature is that it is the second place on Instagram where you can put clickable links!
  3. What makes IGTV special for marketers and business owners is that it allows shopping directly from the app by tagging products and linking them to their videos.
  4. IGTV clips are also easily accessible to those interested in their content without ads, as the Instagram algorithms target them directly to the target audience.
    1. You can make sure of this when browsing on Instagram, you will find that if you are a culinary lover, for example, most of the videos that appear to you are recipes!
  5. You just have to choose the hashtags appropriately and choose the words carefully. When describing the content of the video, viewers can continue reading the descriptive text with just one click on See more.

6. DM . groups

6 effective ways to get free visitors from Instagram 2022

Here's another happy news. DM groups or private messages on Instagram is your third place in the app where you can add clickable links!

So how do I use the DM feature on Instagram?

1. Instagram private messages allow you to create groups, just like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram groups. You can take advantage of this by creating your p, adding your friends and interested audience.

2. These groups also allow you to add more members! Imagine how this particular feature could benefit you.

You can launch incentive offers through these groups in the event of adding new members, and you can also share links to your site with an attractive description that prompts group members to visit the site frequently.

3. Always open discussion with your p, don't make it sound like it's just an advertisement! This will cause boredom and boredom that will prompt the members to leave the group.

Also be interested in hearing their opinions on how to improve the performance of your site, the topics or products they prefer to introduce, the main pros and cons that they saw. Create a powerful clan through this group that helps you to create a successful strategy.

4. Advertisement of groups in an innovative way in Instagram posts or daily stories would create a state of curiosity to join this group and learn about its content and the privileges it offers.

All of the above tips, ideas, and steps are the power of your content! We keep reminding you of the importance of creative and innovative content to get the audience on Instagram to visit your site. Always remember that content is key!

The ways to get free visitors from Instagram that we mentioned in the article are completely free, but to implement them optimally and make use of them, you will need more effort, work, and experience… So start now.

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