When does acne disappear?


Many young people suffer from the problem of acne, especially in adolescence; Which increases the feeling of the teenager, depression, psychological fatigue, lack of self-confidence, and sometimes weak personality.

When does acne disappear?

Acne is skin pimples, which appear when the pores of the skin become clogged, which accumulates dirt and bacteria on the surface of the skin. About the exact time for the acne to disappear.

Acne disappearing time

Acne often disappears after adolescence; which is the most sensitive stage; For a person in his stages of growth, many changes occur in his body and psyche as well; Young women feel their maturity, take responsibility in many matters, and open their perceptions more in life.

The young man also feels the beginning of his maturity, and his transition to another stage called manhood, and all these things are accompanied by the appearance of skin pimples, which often disappear after the growth of the young man's body, and the stability of his turbulent psychological situation at that stage; But in some cases, acne remains accompanying the person, even after he has passed the stage of adolescence, and remains associated with him in his middle age, perhaps, and in other cases; Acne disappears, leaving behind many damages on the skin, from small scars and holes, and some annoying prints.

Acne areas

  • Usually the face and shoulders.
  • Chest and back area.
  • The torso, legs, and sometimes buttocks.

How to deal with acne

  • washing the affected area; twice daily; using a disinfectant, or a certain type of soap; Taking care to avoid scratching the skin, to avoid irritation.
  • using some of the treatments prescribed by the pharmacist; Such as creams, and medical materials that treat acne, or reduce its effects on the skin.
  • Antibiotic treatment, prescribed by a dermatologist.

Facts about acne

  • Three out of four teenagers; Suffer from acne.
  • people in their thirties and forties; They may also suffer from acne, in addition to its appearance on some infants.
  • the possibility that acne is hereditary; or it appears naturally in some families; As a result of hormonal changes, or as a result of the use of contraceptive pills in women, the use of testosterone, in addition to the use of some cosmetics and skin care; that prevent the discharge of fat into the skin; Thus creating the opportunity for acne to appear.
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