What is e-marketing and how to get started with it (comprehensive guide 2022)

We literally live now in the era of e-marketing, where there is no longer a way to ignore these enormous marketing forces, through which we can achieve enormous profitable results.

What is e-marketing and how to get started with it (comprehensive guide 2022)

In order to understand the power and effectiveness and then the importance of e-marketing... Look at your personal life, and ask yourself to what extent the Internet has become a part of my life?

Of course, this does not apply only to you, the Internet has become an essential element in all of our lives, and most people around the world use it very voraciously.

Applying the basic marketing rule that says: “Market where your potential customers are”, there is no more suitable, better or more effective place than the Internet to direct marketing efforts.

Whether you are a business owner and seeking to expand your business through these forces, or you are an ambitious young man seeking to learn the art and science of e-marketing to get a better career opportunity, or to make a profit from the Internet, this article is written specifically for you.

During the article, you will find me providing you with links to other topics in the winners that deal with certain aspects of the e-marketing world.

I highly recommend you to read these topics, of course, if you want to know more about this wonderful world… the world of digital marketing.

What's the online markiting?

E-marketing is and it means the use of everything that is electronic, specifically the Internet, in the marketing process to achieve the desired results, and the required results here may be: promoting the brand, increasing sales, achieving direct profits, promoting a product or service, obtaining visitors to the website or online store .

E-marketing also means using the Internet in order to reach the potential or target customer, in order to achieve the highest level of sales, and then achieve the highest level of profits.

It is worth noting here that the concept of online marketing or marketing through the Internet is almost synonymous with the concept of e-marketing, because the Internet is the main element around which e-marketing revolves.

But it is important to understand that in both the strict and academic terms, the concept of e-marketing is larger and more comprehensive than the concept of internet marketing.

E-marketing includes internet marketing, smartphone marketing via text messages, marketing through smart banners…etc.

Of course, what matters most about e-marketing is internet marketing, and this is what we will discuss today.

Although the field of e-marketing is a relatively new field, it has witnessed great growth and development during the past few years, and moreover, it is a field that is constantly evolving, and always brings new things.

E-marketing is not just a branch of marketing in general, but it represents the nature of a technological era in which we live now, so there is no wonder, that you find that e-marketing has contributed greatly to the development and formation of the concept of marketing in general.

In fact, there are millions or tens of millions of projects for which marketing means only e-marketing. Of course, these projects are based on Internet technology and serve Internet users in the first place.

This includes all the websites on the web, and online stores that provide an easy way for Internet users to buy what they need.

Of course, many and many projects on the ground as well, rely heavily and primarily on e-marketing in marketing their products or services.

The importance of e-marketing

In this part, we will discuss some of the important reasons that prove the importance of e-marketing for every business owner, of course these reasons are also the reasons that drive thousands to learn e-marketing to get great employment opportunities.

1. E-marketing is the best way to reach potential customers

Just take a deep breath and try to imagine the number of Internet users at the moment, you only have to look around and see your friends, family and co-workers using the Internet, if you only believe the statistics.

According to statistics, the number of Internet users in April 2020 was about 4.57 billion people around the world, that is, more than half of the world's population uses the Internet on a daily basis.

Imagine being able to reach half of the world's population to present your product or service in front of them... Sorry, don't imagine... What is required here is to learn, it is possible.

Of course, you probably won't need to reach all of them, but e-marketing will enable you to market according to your own choices.

2. Competitors are using e-marketing

The Internet is an opportunity to reach the largest possible number of potential customers for your business.

Whether you take advantage of this opportunity or not, your competitors are doing so or at least the smartest of them, and by giving up e-marketing you lose a very important competitive advantage.

This idea does not need to be proven… I am sure you know more entrepreneurs who use the Internet for marketing, even that young man who owns a small sweets shop in that neighborhood has a Facebook page to promote his shop.

3. Potential customers assume everything is online

When your potential customers want to buy your product or service they will search on the Internet, if you don't exist, they will ignore you completely, or rather you will not come to their mind at all.

To understand this, all you have to do is review your search history on Google, and I think you will find that you searched with phrases like these:

  • Restaurant menu….
  • Doctor's phone number...
  • Best flower shop in town…
  • Store address...

Of course, here the restaurant, the doctor, the flower shop and the store that has an online presence will have a greater chance of winning the customers who are looking… Don't you agree with me?

4. E-marketing helps you create a new market

E-marketing does not recognize the limits of time and place, and then you can create a new market, and get more new potential customers.

Applying the same idea that we discussed in the previous point, and assuming that you are the owner of a flower shop in one of the areas in New Cairo, and assuming that you are famous in your area… What if a resident of a neighboring residential area searches for a flower shop and your official store website appears… Isn’t this an opportunity to create a market new.

Note: Here I am trying to take simple examples to demonstrate the effectiveness of the idea of ​​e-marketing, but in fact what can be achieved through e-marketing exceeds the expectations of everyone.

5. E-marketing provides an effective means of direct communication with the customer

Through the tools provided by e-marketing, you can actually talk to your potential customers as if you see them face to face, this will enable you to get new ideas, suggestions, solutions to problems about your product or service.

Also, your customers will feel confident and belonging to your brand, because they see it in front of them like a familiar person they communicate with on an ongoing basis.

By analogy with our previous simple examples… What if that lover who is looking for a good flower shop contacted you via WhatsApp (through a button on the official website), and you answered all his questions and told him that you provide fresh flowers.

After he made the purchase, I contacted him and asked him:

Did your pet like our roses? Will she let us call you on her next birthday to remind you of him, and to make another bouquet of flowers just for that?

6. E-marketing provides unparalleled targeting features

As a result of the data and information available about each Internet user, and based on your marketing channels, you can reach the right customer at the right time, and this is really a great advantage that distinguishes the Internet from other marketing means.

For example, if you make a sponsored ad on Facebook for the same flower shop we are talking about, you can place your ad in front of those who meet the specifications like the ones below:

  • Their ages range from 20 to 30 years.
  • They live in Cairo.
  • In relationship.
  • Visited the official website of your flower shop in the last 3 months

7. Marketing through the Internet is the cheapest ever

This point is primarily based on the previous point, which is targeting. Through e-marketing, you will only pay for people who are really targeting your business.

And you'll pay according to the results you prefer, from just being aware of your product, to completing a full sale.

For example, in our previous example of an advertising campaign, you can set an advertising budget of only 100 Egyptian pounds per day, and you can make your campaign only last for three days… Isn't that great.

Note: In order to take advantage of this feature, you have to be a professional e-marketer, as there are thousands who pay money in losing advertising campaigns on the Internet.

8. E-marketing provides highly accurate analytical data

Through the digital analytics tools available in e-marketing, you can get all the information and data you want in order to improve your products and services.

For example, you can find out how many people interacted with your ad, and how many people visited your site through the ad, and you can create different ad models and analyze the result of each one to reach the best possible ad that achieved the best result.

The main elements of e-marketing

E-marketing is based on a set of elements or components, these elements are the ones that govern the marketing process on the Internet of any kind.

1. Data

Data is the first essential element in e-marketing, from which the marketing process begins in its correct scientific and practical concept.

The goal of data collection is to know the specifications of the target customer, his purchasing behavior, the expected market size, the size of the competition, the nature of competitors…etc.

It is worth noting here that the role and importance of data is not only at the beginning, but it is an important role constantly as long as the marketing process continues.

In our example of a flower shop… Check out the pages and websites of other flower shops, and see what their prices are and what they offer again.

This will benefit you greatly in making smarter and more persuasive advertising campaigns, and will make you develop your marketing plan on the Internet.

2. Plans

Plans are very important in everything in our lives, and they have a special importance in the field of business in general, but in fact, when we talk about e-marketing, the plan has a completely different dimension of importance.

The world of e-marketing is a vast, interwoven and flexible world, and contains many channels, opportunities and directions, so for the success of the online marketing process, a precise and clear plan must be made.

This includes determining the budget, marketing channels, assignment of tasks, etc.

3. Tools

Everyone knows that e-marketing is mainly based on technology, and technology is based on pre-prepared software to complete tasks with less time and effort.

Here, e-marketing tools are a very important element, and they have a major role in success in this field. If everything was done manually in the field of e-marketing, one in a thousand of what has already been achieved in this field would not have been achieved.

For example, a tool like WordPress, which allows you to create a website with ease, is used in 30% of all websites on the Internet.

It is worth noting here that the tools are used in all stages and aspects of e-marketing.

Example: Using the visitor analysis tool Google Analytics will give you great information about the visits that your flower shop's official website gets like:

  • How many visitors have entered the official website of the store.
  • How long has it been on the site?
  • Where did the visitors come from (from Facebook, Google, etc.).

4. Skills

In fact, there is a lot of data in the world of e-marketing, and this, by extension, provides a lot of options and alternatives.

Almost everyone else is equal, but what makes the difference and makes some achieve exceptional results is marketing skills.

The marketing skills of the online marketer are what ultimately depends on everything, and they make the difference between a traditional online marketer and a professional online marketer.

Marketing skills include:

  • Creativity, innovation and insight, and these depend mainly on the nature of the person and the capabilities of the online marketer.
  • The ability to obtain the best results at the lowest costs, and this includes reducing unnecessary costs, and taking advantage of available marketing opportunities.
  • The ability to build good relationships with others, which helps create a collaborative environment to achieve the best possible results.

The most important e-marketing channels

E-marketing does not depend on one channel, but rather on many and varied channels. Marketing channels on the Internet are intertwined and closely related to each other.

1. Content Marketing (Blogging)

Blogging is an essential pillar of marketing on the Internet. Blogging is a long-term marketing method, the aim of which is to attract new customers, and provide important information and data to existing customers, by publishing useful and valuable content in the field in which the business specializes.

Google, Facebook, and Amazon have blogs through which they publish the latest news, and publish important articles to raise awareness of the products and services they offer...etc.

Example: a blog for a doctor specializing in obesity surgery, in which he explains the differences between surgeries, and answers frequently asked questions… Here the blog will attract potential clients and some of them will choose this doctor to perform the operation.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the genius e-marketing ideas, whose idea is that the owners of goods or services share part of their profits with the affiliate marketers who are marketing for them.


In fact, there are millions of dollars every day that are traded through this type of marketing, and this type of marketing opens up great prospects and opportunities for both product owners and affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing happens this way:

  • There is a person who owns a product, and wants to make more sales for that product.
  • There is a marketer who has marketing skills and abilities that enable him to help the product owner achieve better sales.
  • The affiliate marketing system is agreed upon between the marketer and the product owner.
  • The marketer generates sales for the owner of the product.
  • The owner of the product gives the marketer a portion of his profits.

Of course, because here we are talking about e-marketing, everything is done electronically through intermediary platforms specializing in commission marketing, or by making the system available directly on the product owner's site.

3. Marketing by Paid Advertising

Marketing through paid advertising, is one of the fastest channels to get results, but it is also the most expensive of them all. The idea is simply to go to one of the advertising companies, and start creating advertising campaigns according to the system of these companies.

There are a lot of advertising companies that you can market through, and there are a lot of marketing methods available in this type.

Here is a list of the most important types of advertising companies through which you can advertise for a fee:

A) Search engines such as Google

Mostly search engines allow paid advertisements through their specialized advertising companies.

The primary payment system in search engine ads is per click (meaning you will pay a certain amount of money for each user who clicks on your link).

Here your ad will appear on the search results page (or on search engine partner sites) according to the keywords you will target in your paid or sponsored ad.

B) Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter

Social networking sites allow their users to make advertisements for their products and services.

Through your account on the social networking site, let it be Facebook … you can create your advertising account and start getting visitors to your site or interacting on your commercial page on the site.

There is more than one way to calculate the cost of advertising in social networking sites, such as pay per click, pay per view, and pay per post interaction.

C) Websites that provide paid advertising services

Many websites and blogs offer advertising space for money.

In this case, you have to find a website or blog specialized in the same field of your business, and then contact the administration to conclude an agreement to place an advertising banner at this site or this blog for a fixed amount of money to be paid monthly.

This amount depends on the size of the site and the nature of the specialized content.

Of course, there are a lot of other advertising companies, but we will suffice with only the four that were mentioned.

D) PPV companies

PPV companies represent a different type of advertising company, in which you will pay for each appearance of your site in front of the user. Here, PPV companies will show a pop-up window or an advertising window for your site in front of the user directly.

4. Email Marketing

This is the oldest type of e-marketing, which is done by collecting a mailing list that contains users who are interested in one thing, and then sending marketing messages to them.

It is worth noting that this marketing channel does not operate independently and mostly, but it works under the umbrella of the website, the business blog, or the project.

Email marketing in its professional form is a system that is set on the website, in which all the email addresses of potential customers are collected, and then marketing messages are sent to them.

5. Marketing through social networking sites

Social media is one of the most important e-marketing channels ever. We covered social media marketing when talking about paid advertising.

But you can also do social media marketing for free (or you can do a mix of paid and free ads on social media).

Through social networking sites, you can build professional business pages for your business, and you can open channels of communication between you and your potential customers, and keep them always informed of everything new about your business.

6. Marketing by search engines

We discussed above search engines as one of the paid advertising companies, but this does not mean that search engines are an independent e-marketing channel, but rather one of the most important and most effective e-marketing channel at all.

Through the site or blog that represents your business, you can get free visitors through search engines, especially Google.

This of course requires you to provide high quality content, and work on optimizing your site for search engines, or what is called the science of SEO.

7. Influencer Marketing

The concept of marketing through influencers appeared with the emergence of social media, in which there are celebrities in all fields that you can imagine, for example, if you have a restaurant … you can go to a YouTube celebrity in the field of food recipes, and request marketing for your restaurant for a certain amount of money.

Marketing through influencers is one of the very, very effective e-marketing channels, which have a wonderful impact on results if used intelligently.

The most important success factors in e-marketing

1. The quality of the product, service or content being marketed for

Email marketing is not magic that can turn failure into success, but it is a tool that works best when there is a good product or service in the first place.

For the success of your marketing efforts, you must always work to raise the quality of what you provide to your customers, and always remember that success always comes from good marketing for a good product.

2. Keeping pace with the constant development of the marketing process through the Internet

There are a lot of marketing strategies that work for a while, but become exhausted or saturated with time. The ability to keep pace with the evolution of marketing strategies and channels is one of the most important success factors.

From here, as a business owner or e-marketing specialist, you must always work on being informed of everything new in the world of e-marketing.

3. The ability to constantly analyze the results

Analysis of results in the world of e-marketing, is the factor that makes every business continue to succeed, and which makes every entity pay attention to its strengths and weaknesses.

There are a lot of great analytical tools with which you can understand the smallest details about your marketing efforts, and then make the decisions that support your success.

For example, when you run an advertising campaign on one of the giant platforms such as Google or Facebook, you will find a huge amount of data about the campaign, which you can understand by making improvements to get better results for your next campaign.

4. Always put customer satisfaction first

Generally speaking, even in the old school of marketing, gaining customer satisfaction is the key to success, even in the most minimalistic way.

In the world of e-marketing, imposing the customer is also of great importance, but it is done in professional and technological ways, here you will not face the customer in order to smile at him… Why can’t you do that through an emoji hahahaha.

In the world of e-marketing, there are some criteria and points that you must ensure to gain customer satisfaction, such as:

  • Quick response to inquiries.
  • Speed ​​of interaction with comments that come from followers on social media.
  • Easy to use professional website design.
  • Follow clear policies for exchange and return in the case of e-commerce.

5. Vigilance and the ability to take advantage of hot situations and events

In the world of e-marketing, there is what is called the concept of trend (meaning the popularity of an event, occasion, or thing at a particular time).

For example, there are plenty of stores that make millions of extra dollars from exploiting an event like New Year's or Black Friday.

Another example: During the outbreak of the Corona disease, you will find many large websites and large stores that make tips, assistance and solutions to help users avoid infection and follow the correct behaviors.

6. The ability to be creative and innovative

In fact, the world of the Internet is a very crowded world, and this makes there is competition to be reckoned with. To overcome this competition, you must adopt creative methods in your marketing campaigns.

Creativity here does not necessarily mean reinventing the wheel anew, but it can be achieved through:

  • Simple idea but we offer a great solution for clients.
  • Combine two marketing strategies together in an unusual way.
  • Create advertising campaigns according to the deep understanding of the user and the problems he suffers from.

7. Paying attention to e-marketing assets and constantly developing them

When we talk about marketing assets here, we mean:

A) Website

It must be designed in a way that reflects the quality of the product, and highlights its features and ability to meet the customer's need. The website should also be an expression of the brand, by choosing the right colors and design.

On the other hand, we must work on preparing the site for search engines, and providing it with good and constantly renewed content.

Of course, this also applies to the online store or the smartphone application.

B) Commercial pages on social media

This includes the official business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and also the official YouTube channel.

Here, these pages must be shown professionally, by including the data completely, paying attention to the images that express the brand, and of course providing them with attractive and constantly renewed content.

The most important resources to learn e-marketing

In this part, I will end my article with a group of the most famous and leading sources in the field of e-marketing, along with a group of free professional courses offered by large and pioneering entities such as Google.

First: the most famous international blogs in the field of e-marketing

  1. HubSpot Blog (the most famous and most important blog in the world of e-marketing). For Dahab click here
  2. Content Marketing Institute blog (one of the most important and famous blogs in e-marketing in general and content marketing in particular). For Dahab click here
  3. Copyblogger Blog (one of the most popular content marketing blogs). For Dahab click here
  4. Moz Blog (Moz is the most popular search engine optimization site). For Dahab click here
  5. Neil Patel's Blog. For Dahab click here
  6. Hootsuite Blog (one of the most important and best blogs in social media marketing).For Dahab click here

Second: A set of free and paid courses in e-marketing

  1. A set of free courses offered by Hubspot
  2. A set of free courses offered by Google (choose Digital Marketing on the right).
  3. A set of free courses in social media marketing from Alison.
  4. A group of e-marketing courses offered by Coursera, which you can study for free, but without a certificate.
  5. A group of great courses to learn e-marketing on Udemy

Important questions about e-marketing and their answers.

1. What is the difference between the concept of e-marketing and digital marketing?

E-marketing and digital marketing are two terms to express the same thing. The term in English is Digital Marketing, and it is translated in Arabic as digital marketing.

The term e-marketing expresses the same thing, and it is the most common term for us as Arabs.

2. How can I profit from e-marketing?

E-marketing is a tool through which a profit can be made in many ways, and these are the most famous:

  • Marketing your product, service, or project.
  • Work as an e-marketing officer in a company.
  • Working as a freelancer in the field of e-marketing (ie completing tasks for others as they need without committing to a long-term contract).
  • Marketing the products or services of others with commission.

3. How do I get started in e-marketing?

Start searching on the Internet to understand the basics, and then you can participate in one of the courses I put for you above, and of course follow the winners. Here we are constantly developing topics about e-marketing.

4. Is e-marketing halal or haram?

In the winners, we are not talking about halal and haram, but simply e-marketing is a tool like any other tool that you can use in marketing for good and reliable products, and you can use it to cheat and deceive others… and this is the case on the ground as well.

5. Is English a prerequisite for learning e-marketing?

Yes, you must have the appropriate level of English that enables you to understand the terminology, and to deal with different platforms and tools efficiently.

But let me tell you that with research and trying to develop and using the translation of terms, you can start… Of course, in the presence of reliable Arab sources such as winners, it became easier.

6. What are the most in-demand areas of e-marketing in the freelance market?

Social media marketing, search engine marketing, and paid advertising.

If you have another question, write it in the comments and I will answer you...

In the end, I hope that with this article I have made a basic reservation in e-marketing for every business owner, and for every aspiring to learn e-marketing.

Please do not skimp on your friends to share this article with them so that the benefit will spread.

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