Learn the most important things, principles of management, principles of public administration

 Principles of administration

A creative manager is a person who can solve problems in creative ways and ensure smooth running of work without confusion.

 but the management process must go in a line that includes four basic management rules, which are as follows:

Learn the most important things, principles of management, principles of public administration

business planning

It is a term for charting the paths of progress of the organization to ensure that the goals are reached.

 But the planner must be fully aware of the environment surrounding the work, it is meant to be aware of all the conditions that the organization may face during his work and try to predict what he will face in the future.

 The planner must be able To make decisions quickly and wisely in emergency situations in order to ensure the achievement of the organization's goals. Planning is also divided into two types: tactical planning and operational planning.

Organizing errands

Organizing is the process of arranging and developing those paths laid down by the planner in order to reach the goals in the most effective manner.

 It includes the process of organizing and exploiting the resources available to the organization and harnessing them for the workflow and thus its success. 

The organization process also distributes and coordinates functions within the organisation.


Leadership expresses the manager's ability to influence employees effectively. 

It is not limited to formal orders, but also includes the informal organization used by the successful leader with his employees.

 So that the subordinate makes the effort as much as possible to carry out what is being asked of him effectively by the manager or the successful base, because the great influence on the subordinates.

Monitor and monitor the success of the project

It is the process of monitoring and controlling the workflow, which is considered one of the important principles in management science as it is based on ensuring the progress of work as planned

 Through a set of procedures that ultimately lead to achieving that administrative and economic efficiency of the organization.

management concept

The term organization is closely related to the concept of management, so that management expresses the process of organization and planning.

 which includes developing plans to reach the desired goals by harnessing all available resources such as financial, human, and others. 

The management process also saves information and experiences in order to benefit from them in other administrative processes.

 Management is present in many businesses, regardless of their simplicity, and is not limited to managers and supervisors only.

Principles of General Management

The principles of public administration increase the efficiency of government institutions, through the effective implementation of laws and policies that strengthen the strategic position of the state, and make scientific services more efficient. 

In order to apply these principles, structural changes must be made in the organization of countries, and these principles can be applied in both developed and developing countries; Provided that it suits their needs and circumstances. 

The following is an explanation of the Six Principles of Public Administration, and the Strategic Framework for Public Administration Reform.

The strategic framework for public administration reform is one of the basic principles of public administration, as achieving sound public administration requires reforms at the political and administrative level.

Planning and implementing them piecemeal and on a case-by-case basis. Reforms improve the performance of public administration as expected, and to achieve results, the government must through directing.

 Coordinating and implementing a comprehensive vision of reform and prioritizing goals, so it is important to reach public administration reforms sequentially, and set reform agenda from a comprehensive perspective of the whole government.

Policy development and coordination

Political decisions must be taken in the right way, because bad policies affect public services and harm the economy.

 Therefore, policies must be developed and coordinated to facilitate the management of all government operations.

 and this development is subject to the financial conditions of the state in order to achieve the goals of the government in a coordinated manner and serve the citizens. as it is required.

Public Service and Human Resource Management

Public service and human resource management is one of the principles of public administration, whereby a well-designed and effectively managed public service achieves an appropriate degree of professionalism.

Sustainability and quality of public services in all aspects of management, leading to better policies and outcomes for better services to citizens and businesses 


The general organization of central governments is of a rational nature, and there must be independent and appropriate accountability in internal, political, judicial and social affairs, where there are mechanisms to protect the rights of individuals and protect the public interest, and apply fair procedures. In the case of administrative disputes, the full responsibility lies with the public authorities in the event of any irregularities.

The provision of services

Service provision can be defined as the communications made between public administration and citizens; To facilitate their affairs and obtain the data they need to perform their duties, these services must be efficient and appropriate to the citizens and their needs. With the development of technology, providing services electronically has become the effective means, as it reduces the material burden in terms of time and money on the citizen and on the government.

Public Finance Department

The budget defines the financial framework within which the government presents its political, economic and social objectives for the benefit of its citizens. If the right choices are to be made while respecting spending limits, strong public financial management systems are essential for all elements of the budget cycle from formulation to implementation, including procurement, control and audit.

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