Learn about the tourist destinations in America in the state of Los Angeles

 Los Angeles

Learn about the tourist destinations in America in the state of Los Angeles

It is located in the southwestern part of California, and it is one of the largest states in terms of area, with an area of ​​about 1290.5 square kilometers, and the second largest city in terms of population after New York City, and it is one of the first centers in the United States of America in terms of interest in scientific, economic and intellectual culture Sports and artistic.

Rename it

  The origin of the name goes back to the Spanish state and means angels, and literally means the village of the Virgin, the Queen of the Angels of the Porciuncola River.

tourism in it

The city of Los Angeles is distinguished by the length of its sandy coast, it ranks third in the world after Rio de Janeiro and Perth, and this gives it a high tourist value and activity in all respects. It also contains a group of international tourist attractions that are a destination for every tourist, including the following:

  1. Hollywood: the city of global cinema, access to it is the dream of all artists around the world.
  2. Beverly Hills: The area known as the city of the famous and the rich, it is not recommended to walk around at night from a security point of view.
  3. Santa Monica: A city located directly on the coast, characterized by security and tranquility, and the high cost of living in it, as it offers beach villas.
  4. Downtown: It is an industrial area that contains skyscrapers, and in the opposite area there are many shops and restaurants.

Recreational and tourist attractions in Los Angeles

  1. Six Flags: One of the largest amusement parks in the world, located in North Los Angeles, and has several branches around the world.
  2. Universal Studio: A very special area that has surpassed Disneyland in terms of development, events, activities and modernity, and you can spend a special time inside it without feeling bored and tired, as it is a world of suspense.
  3. Disney Lad: This city is frequented by true Disney fans, and the number of tourists to Disney World has decreased significantly in recent years due to the emergence of more than one area with the same characteristics and features, including Orlando.
  4. Venice Beach: This place features a large number of restaurants and a variety of sessions, including quiet and noisy restaurants in every corner of the place, in addition to small malls for preparing gifts and preparing continuous acrobatics throughout the day, and there is an "amusement park" on the coast.
  5. Hollywood Boulevard: It is a gorge and lane where you find the most famous and famous stars; For the presence of international cinemas and theaters, and the largest shopping center that contains archaeological museums, the most famous of which is the Wax Museum.
  6. Educational Discovery Center: It is a small scientific city for families, especially children, for fun and enjoyment.
  7. Commercial markets: There are many shops in the city that carry different products that every visitor can get from gifts and supplies without trouble.

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