Learn about Marketing Management Organizational Process

 What is marketing management?

 Marketing management means the process of organizing and managing and knowing the best way to deal with all marketing activities, and these practical activities include marketing planning, pricing and promotion of products by conducting comprehensive advertising campaigns for them. Part of commercial and humanitarian activities aimed at satisfying the desires of all consumers.

Learn about Marketing Management Organizational Process

Marketing management tasks

One of the most important tasks required of marketing is the development of the marketing plan that the organization will follow in the short and short term, in addition to the long-term plan that the organization will follow in the long term. In addition, one of the most important tasks and functions of the marketing management process is the continuous cooperation with the sales department until reaching the form in which the products will be put on the market in order to achieve the greatest amount of profits, in addition.

There must be a clear plan for advertising and promotion of products, and the implementation should not be left without supervision and follow-up. This control and follow-up is also one of the the most important functions of the marketing department, and finally, the marketing department is primarily responsible for making decisions quickly and correctly, which qualifies these institutions to solve their problems as quickly as possible and in a manner that does not cause any harm or hinder the work of the entire organisation.

Elements and steps of marketing management

Marketing depends on the elements, which are the shape of the basket, its price, the method of promoting it, field monitoring, and finally distributors and their effective and continuous control. As for the steps the marketing process, they are first informed of important marketing research, in addition to product segmentation, targeting and unification in the mind of the consumer, and then attention to the product and its price, the process of its promotion and distribution. Then implementation and finally monitoring.

The importance of marketing management

Interest in the (marketing) process has increased significantly in this era, because of its paramount and very great importance in the process of disseminating products among customers in a very large way, and thus contributing to the process of selling these products and increasing the company's profits, and given the large number of these institutions and companies in the current era, the matter Which depends heavily on (marketing), and this has negatively affected many aspects, in contrast to the availability of products in very large quantities at reasonable prices for consumers of all. genres, but the visual pollution has become unbearable, with advertising and branding everywhere, it remains only to get into it, as beauty brands have stripped everything.

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Marketing Departments

Marketing strategy often has multiple factors at its core:

The company's long-term goals

The company's vision plays an important role in shaping the marketing strategy of the organization. The vision defines where the company wants to be in the long term.

Actions to be taken

The mission statement is another important part of the marketing strategy and defines exactly what actions the company should take.

strategic plans

The strategic plan is the way in which the company will achieve its mission completely, and this includes several steps such as identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the companies, formulating the product strategy, and knowing the marketing mix, then planning the resources that will be needed to implement the plan.

short term plans

These plans are generally not included in the long-range strategic plans, but the short-term plans are important to the company within the scope of achieving short-term goals. This may include offering sales discounts, adding promotional support, or any support that motivates the consumer to purchase the product.

Once you put all of the above factors in here, you can say that your marketing strategy has been shaped. But creating a marketing strategy is much easier than actually implementing it, and here the marketing plan plays an important role. The marketing plan plays the role of a reminder because it reminds management again and again of its marketing strategy and roadmap for the success of the company.

Marketing specialist

A career in Marketing prepares you to be able to enter into all areas related to product creation and promotion. It will teach you basic marketing principles that you can use no matter what industry or product you're targeting. Marketing specialist roles can also include the following tasks:

  • Director of Marketing
  • Social Media Officer
  • Online Account Public Relations Officer
  • Production Manager
  • Partner Brand Manager
  • Advertising Manager Assistant
  • Design Specialist

What is the difference between sales and marketing?

People always get confused between marketing and sales, and the common belief that they have one goal and one meaning, but now we will get to know the meanings, where marketing is all you do to reach potential customers and convince them of your product, the sales process is all you do to complete the sale and get an agreement or signed contract. Both are essential to the success of companies. If you combine them, you will bring success and growth to the company. On the contrary, if the efforts are not balanced or the different departments of the company do not communicate and integrate among themselves, it will disrupt the success and growth of the company.

Your marketing plan should also consist of strategies that you can work on and reach potential customers with being the company you work for and the message being the selling vision, and it can consist of advertising, PR, social media, relationship marketing, brand marketing and direct mail.

Here, in turn, the formation of the sales process for interaction between individuals. This is often done through a meeting, calls, or online and in person. That is, anything that connects you with an existing or potential customer on a personal level, rather than remotely. Most of the time, a potential customer may already have reached you through your marketing efforts.

So you have to ramp up your marketing efforts through a process of eight contacts or touchpoints Studies show that you need to convert a potential customer into a real customer and pay them to complete the sale, and that if marketing is done effectively, then you can start to take that customer out of the situation cold lead customer to the hot state of the customer, and when the customer reaches the heat stage, it will be easier for the sales staff or the sales department to do their work and the sale is done.

Why is marketing management important?

Marketing management is important as it helps to be qualified in the very booming competition in the market. This also helps in developing strategies to improve profits and reduce the cost of products. Marketing management has become the main source of exchange and transportation of goods.

Helps maintain the company's reputation ?

A good company is recognized by its reputation in the market. Marketing involves the buying, selling, exchanging and transfer of goods that build their reputation. If a company performs well in these standards, it stands firm and earns a clear and good reputation among the public which is alone of business and undeniable.

If a good reputation is built, it will be beneficial for the company in its growth and promotion. When it comes to reputation, good and reputable companies don't compromise at all and try. Reputable companies get more opportunities to grow and get more tenders to make them qualified in the market and economically strong.

Helps boost the company's economy?

Marketing management decides ways to beat competition in the market and achieve good sales. They develop plans to advertise their products in an impactful way and when the products are announced, they are on the radar for the public to see and know.

Advertisements help spread the product description to a great level through friends and family. Suppose that when a girl learns of the 50 percent flat sale on clothing brands, she will tell her friends and family, and advertise that brand's products dynamically.

Promotes new ideas

Marketing management helps in promoting the new ideas which depend on the benefits and offers to the audience to be grabbed quickly. These ideas keep companies nourished and diversified by keeping them distinct from other companies' presence in the market.

These insights are useful for the company to know the market demand today and not let it lead the wrong direction.

It is a source for advertising new products

Newly launched products by a company that the public is not familiar with, should be advertised. Marketing management allows to advertise the product in a better and effective way that can attract a large crowd of audience towards the new product.

Marketing management makes the audience realize either they are choosing a good product or not.

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