Learn about the best tourist destinations for 2022

If you want to take a trip to the most exciting and magical country, head to New Zealand, which has beautiful nature, as it is two connected islands, each with its own beauty and stunning scenery, among the forests with towering trees and the crystal waters of the ocean.

New Zealand has a distinctive tourism that attracts tourists from different countries of the world, and the cities of New Zealand are characterized by many aspects of luxury and scenic beauty, and it is famous for tourism suitable for vacations for young people, families and also for honeymoon couples, due to the characteristics of tourism in New Zealand.

Best time of year in New Zealand

Summer (December to February): The best time to travel and one of the warmest and busiest months. Very suitable for lovers of outdoor activities, camping or hiking in parks and woods and those looking for bronzer. It is also the best period for any couple for a special honeymoon. Of course, never forget to have a sunscreen with you always and in all cases, as the sun is very strong during this period.

I notice! Book early. Due to the crowding in this period due to the large number of tourists, you will find that booking hotels or accommodation is very difficult in the following cities: Nelson, Wanaka, Rotorua, Taupo, Hanmer Springs, Tauranga, Queenstown. In winter too, you'll find crowded winter resorts or during school holidays or the Easter holidays.

Autumn (March to May): The perfect season for hiking. It is not only away from the busy season (summer), but also much cooler and calmer. The leaves of the trees changed colors during this period, coinciding with the arrival of the first snow showers on the hills, as a sign that winter was approaching. Note that the temperature begins to drop in May as winter begins soon.

Winter season (from June to August): - Where the weather is calmer but winter starts with all its activities of rain, snow and wind. You also find snow-capped mountains, and winter sports are active during this period. Try the heated pools during this irreplaceable season.

Spring (September to November): One of the most beautiful seasons in New Zealand. The weather is getting a little warm and the sun is starting to shine with its fresh rays after a long and nighttime winter. The day gets longer during this period which gives you more time to enjoy the magical nature. You will also find trees and plants blooming in amazing colors all over the country. November is considered one of the quiet months for tourism, so this month lovers of tranquility prefer to come to New Zealand.

How long can you stay in New Zealand?

The duration of the visit to New Zealand varies depending on the country from which you go for tourism in New Zealand. If you are one of the countries on the visa waiver list or other countries, you will be granted a 3-month visit, and for those coming from the UK, the visit period will be 6 months.

What are the best seasons for tourism in New Zealand?

Tourism in Wellington, New Zealand

Learn about the best tourist destinations for 2022

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, located near the northernmost point of the island in the Cook Strait. It is a compact city, populated by mountains, hills and green landmarks, the main attractions of which are the Wellington Zoo, Wellington City Museum, Te Papa Museum (Museum of New Zealand) and Katherine Mansfield Museum.

The city also organizes many interesting cruises, popular conferences, and has many fine restaurants that have won many government awards. It also features a waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, and colorful wooden houses. It has a cable car to Wellington Botanical Gardens. It is a wonderful place and an excellent destination for tourism and recreation.

Tourism in Auckland

Learn about the best tourist destinations for 2022

Auckland is located in the north of the North Island, and is considered a region rather than a city, as it consists of four cities: Auckland City, Manukau, Waitakere, and North Shore. Kelly Tarlton Aquarium, Mount Eden, Auckland Domain, Mount Eden Albert Park, Auckland Maritime Museum, Parnell Rose Garden, Torpedo Bay Museum, Ota Square, Hauraki Bay, Queen Street, ... and many other attractions that you can enjoy visiting.

Tourism in Hamilton, New Zealand

Learn about the best tourist destinations for 2022

Tourism Hamilton, located on the western edge of Lake Ontario, is an easy day trip from Toronto. The port city of Hamilton is one of Canada's most important industrial centers. For hikers, Hamilton is an ideal place to hop to explore the famous Bruce Trail, which at 890 kilometers is the longest (and oldest) hiking trail in Canada.

Hamilton is a city and port in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is located on the Niagara Peninsula on Lake Ontario on the border with the United States. Believed to have been built by George Hamilton when Durand purchased the farm shortly after the War of 1812, Hamilton became a dense hub and industrial park in the West at the end of Lake Ontario known as Horseshoe. The inhabitants of this city are known as the Hamiltonians. Hamilton is the ninth largest city in Canada and the third largest in Ontario by area.

Suggested duration of sightseeing in Hamilton is 4 days.

Tourism in Rotorua , New Zealand

Learn about the best tourist destinations for 2022

Rotorua is located in the Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand, and is characterized as the charming nature address within the cities of New Zealand, as it contains hot springs that emerge from the ground, boiling mud, and volcanic terraces. On land, in a one-of-a-kind experience, you can enjoy healing mud baths, and also swim, and don't miss getting to know the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.

Suggested duration of sightseeing in Rotorua is 3 days.

Nelson Tours, New Zealand

Learn about the best tourist destinations for 2022

Nelson is one of New Zealand's warm cities, in this destination located north of the South Island, you will find more sun than anywhere else in New Zealand, it is the most lit spot, the wonderful climate, and this city is surrounded by three natural parks that make it a favorite destination for outdoor recreational activities.

Suggested duration of sightseeing in Nelson City is 3 days.

Tourism in Matamata New Zealand

Learn about the best tourist destinations for 2022

This wonderful city that lies in the shadows of the Kalimay mountain range, which gives it the most wonderful view, is characterized by a wonderful rural nature, and includes a lot of fun and excellence, allowing its visitors to have an enjoyable experience of mountain climbing, swimming, and the most famous in this city is the original set of Hobbiton films, and certainly It will be a special adventure with photoshoot about Hobbiton Movie Set.

The proposed period for visiting the sights in Matmata is 3 days

Tourism in Dunedin, New Zealand

Learn about the best tourist destinations for 2022

One of the old New Zealand cities, dominated by the old Scottish heritage style, and is considered one of the important commercial centers, as it includes the oldest university in New Zealand, which is a major landmark of the city, and is one of the finest tourist cities in New Zealand because of its distinctive tourist character where the tourist can do several activities Tours among charming natural parks, museums featuring unique properties, famous shopping places and much more.

Suggested duration of sightseeing in Dunedin is 4 days.


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