Find information about Maryville college tuition and fees for 2021-2022



Maryville University accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, teller's checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, unpaid deduction for college tuition and fee payments. Maryville University also accepts most employer tuition assistance programs and works with students to award federal, private, private, and institutional financial aid.

  Find information about Maryville college tuition and fees for 2021-2022

For more information about financial assistance, call Solution Squad at 314-529-9360.

For more information about payment options and deadlines, call Solution Squad at 314-529-9360.

Undergraduate tuition and fees reflect the 2021-2022 rates as set by the University of Maryville Board of Trustees, effective summer 2021:


The cost of the academic year


Full-time tuition fee$24.766
Room only$7,800 per person
Meal Plan$2,500

  1. Other room and board options vary according to circumstances

Lecture: Fall Semester and Spring Semester 

Full-time average (12-18 credit hours)$12,383 per semester
Part-time rate (1-11 credit hours)$781 per credit hour
Overload Fee (more than 18 credits)$781 per credit

Summer semester lectures 
Full-time GPA (13-18 credits)$12,383 per semester
Part-time rate (1-12 credit hours)$622 per credit
Overload Fee (more than 18 credits)$622 per credit hour

Graduate Tuition and Fees University of Maryville

To simplify student fees, achieve cost savings, and ensure there are no hidden fees for students, Maryville University offers a comprehensive program that covers the costs of the following student services and resources: digital course materials and textbooks; laboratory materials trend; texts. Technology, including over 60 apps in Maryville Cloud; Health and wellness; student activity fitness facilities; and graduation. One FEE is included in a student's account and may be paid as part of a semester bill with a payment or deferred payment plan, or from any eligible financial aid.

Find information about Maryville college tuition and fees for 2021-2022

Master's Programs

 See the programs listed below 

 Credit hour rates 
accounting$765/credit hour
guess science $797/credit hour
Data Analytics$765/credit hour
cyber security$816/credit hour
data science$765/credit hour
education$449/credit hour
Health Management$714/credit hour
Administrative leadership$714/credit hour
Master of Business Administration$714/credit hour
music therapy$663/credit hour
Nursing$813/credit hour
practice therapy$797/credit hour or $13,035/semester (full-time rate)
Rehabilitation Counseling$663/credit hour
Software development$765/credit hour
Speech and language pathology$797/credit hour or $13,035/semester (full-time rate)
Strategic Communication and Leadership$714/credit hour

Graduation certificates  
big data$765/credit hour
Communication sciences and disorders $500/credit hour 
machine learning$765/credit hour

 Maryville University PhD Programs 

Doctorate in Education (Ed) $897/credit hour 
PhD Program in Nursing $897/credit hour
Doctor in physical therapy  $897/credit hour or $13,035/semester (full-time rate)

 One fee at Maryville University 

On-campus programs (3 credits) $375 / semester
Online Programs (3 credits) $675 per semester 
Occupational therapy
physical therapy
Speech-language pathology:
Part-time rate (3 - 11 credit hours)
 $450 per semester

Maryville student residence (room only: see meal plan rates below)

Cookie and T.R. Potter's Hall 

Double occupancy contract $8,900 / academic year
Triple occupancy (suite)$10,000 per academic year

Mouton Hall in Maryville 

double contract worth$7,800/academic year

 hall of saints 

Quadruple Room (4 Person Suite)10,500 USD / academic year contract
Dual$11,000 / academic year contract

Hilltop Student Apartments 

4 bedrooms / 2 bathroomsunit (per person) $11,000 / academic year contract
2 bedroom/2 bathroom holdingunit (per person) $11,500/school year

Summer session at the University of Maryville 

4 bedroom unit(per person) $3,452 / summer rate
4 bedroom unit(per person) $294/week on a weekly basis
two bedroom unit(per person) $3,882/price all summer
two bedroom unit(per person) $328/week on a weekly basis

Meal Plans at University of Maryville

All resident students are required to have a meal plan in place. Below are meal plan options and information on the minimum meal plan requirements.

  1. All student residents must have a meal plan.
  2. Resident Hall students can choose from Plan C, Plan B, or Plan A. Plan C is the minimum meal plan required for Resident Hall students.
  3. Apartment students can choose from any of the meal plans. Plan F is the minimum meal plan required for apartment students.
  4. Unused meal plan funds from the fall semester will be available for use through the end of the spring semester. The meal plan funds must be used by the end of the spring semester because these funds will not be transferred to a future semester.

 Meal Plan  Year Cost
 Semester Cost 

 Plan A $3,100 $1,550
 Plan B $2,800 $1,400
 Plan C $2,500 $1,250
 Plan D $1,550  $775
 Plan E $1,400 $700
 Plan F  $1,250 $625
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