Everything you need to know to start studying at "Maryville University" in 2022

 Maryville College is a private American liberal arts college located in Maryville, Tennessee.

It was founded in 1819 by Presbyterian Minister Isaac L. Anderson with the aim of promoting education and enlightenment in the West.

 The college is one of the fifty oldest colleges in the United States and the twelfth oldest facility in the South. Maryville College is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and has about 1,100 students.

Everything you need to know to start studying at Maryville University in 2022

Is Maryville University legitimate?

Maryville University is a private, non-profit university that proudly holds regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). 

Maryville has maintained its HLC accreditation since 1941, and this status was confirmed as recently as 2015.

As one of six regional accrediting bodies in the United States, HLC serves and assesses colleges and universities across a 19-state region that includes Missouri.

 where the University of Maryville campus is located. Founded in 1895, HLC has supported the mission to "ensure and improve the quality of higher education" for more than a century.

Is Maryville accredited ?

Maryville College in the United States is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in Colleges (SACSCOC) to award baccalaureate, doctoral, and master's degrees in a variety of fields. Questions regarding Maryville College's accreditation may be directed in writing to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097, by calling (404) 679-4500, or using the complete information on the official SACSCOC Web site.

  1. Maryville College is internationally accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music in the United States of America to award baccalaureate or doctoral degrees in the field of music.
  2. Maryville College's famous teacher education programs were recently approved by the Tennessee Department of Education, USA.
  3. The popular Maryville College English as a Second Language program is an accredited member of EnglishUSA (formerly the American Association of Intensive English Programs).
  4. The Maryville College Nonprofit Leadership Program is accredited by the Coalition for Nonprofit Leadership.

Is Walden University legitimate?

Walden University is a law school. It has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1990. Since accreditation is the number one thing to look for in a university to see if it is legit, you are in excellent hands. read more

Is tuition at Maryville University expensive? What is the tuition at Maryville University? 


Maryville University accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, teller's checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, unpaid deduction for college tuition and fee payments. Maryville University also accepts most employer tuition assistance programs and works with students to award federal, private, private, and institutional financial aid.....read more

What GPA do you need to get into Maryville College?

As a high school student, you may wonder if your GPA is high enough to meet the admission criteria of your college of choice. Not every college has a specific GPA requirement, but it is possible to estimate a limit on admission based on statistics from previous semesters. In this article, I will explain how college GPA requirements work and give you the tools to know exactly how high your GPA is to successfully apply to your dream college.

What are the GPA requirements for admission to Maryville College?

The overall statistics are all excellent and good, but your GPA standards should really be determined by your individual college goals. You may not plan to apply to a college that offers concrete GPA requirements, but you can still estimate what it takes to get into Maryville College.

 The first result should be a link to a page that lists Maryville College admission statistics. Before you look at the GPA statistics, note the acceptance rate. Any school with an acceptance rate less than 15% will be accessible regardless of your GPA, so don't assume that over An average GPA secures you a place.

Let's use Maryville College as an example. The university requires a minimum GPA of 2.5 for undergraduate programs. This means that it is safe to assume that you have a solid chance of getting in if your GPA is above the indicated average. It is selective, but not in the more selective group of schools (we classify them as "fairly competitive"). Maryville College's weighted average GPA is a minimum of 2.5 for undergraduate study.

Since we rely on the schools themselves to provide statistics on their average GPA, the numbers are often skewed. The above GPA range may reflect a mixture of weighted and unweighted GPAs.

There may be some students at Maryville College who earned equivalent grades in high school, but there will likely be many other students who earned both A and B in high school classes that use a weighted GPA.

Is it hard to get into Maryville College?

 It's not hard to get into Maryville College.

Maryville College Admission Requirements

The university requires a minimum GPA of 2.5 to study undergraduate programs, and there is an optional test. Some other special requirements may apply.

The following tests are acceptable as evidence of English language proficiency:

  1. TOEFL : 69 (online) or higher based on the program of study.
  2. IELTS : 6.0 or higher depending on the program of study.
  3. Duolingo Test :  95 or higher depending on the program of study.
  4. ESL Center Level 11 with a grade of 2.5 or higher depending on the program of study.
  5. Pearson Academic Test : 47 or higher based on program of study.
  6. SAT : 480 or higher in reading and writing skills.
  7. ACT : 21 or higher in writing/English section.

Full admission if the applicant has completed at least 24 credit hours of study level 100 levels or higher with a minimum of 2.0 cumulative academic grade point average (GPA) and English level 101 and 102 equivalent to a grade of “C” or higher. A level C or higher in English writing for non-native speakers does not exempt from the English language proficiency requirement.

What is the acceptance rate at Maryville?

The University of Maryville acceptance rate is 94.9% for the year 2020.

What is the required SAT score for Merville University?

So, you are ready to learn about the SAT, one of the most popular scholastic aptitude tests, which aims to maintain the quality of education.

The SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is one of two major standardized tests in the United States (the other being the ACT) that is regulated by The College Board, an American non-profit academic body responsible for many other academic activities in the United States.

The SAT was formerly known as the Merville University Academic Aptitude Test, and the name was later changed to the SAT. The test measures students' written, oral, and mathematical skills before they join Merville University.

Does Maryville College Offer Sports Scholarships?

 Maryville College provides high school students with some sports. Maryville College (Tennessee) is located in Maryville, Tennessee and the football program competes in the South American Conference on Athletics.

Maryville College does not offer Soccer Athletic Scholarships. Need-based and academic scholarships are available to student-athletes. Sports Scholarships are available for NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA. On average, 34% of all student-athletes receive sports scholarships.

If you are interested in being hired by Maryville College (TN) Football, you should know more about the school, the academic programs offered, and the important members of the coaching staff - these are the people you need to connect with. Learning about a football program is an important first step in the recruitment process.


What is Maryville University famous for?

  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education ranks Maryville University as the second fastest growing university.
  2. Maryville University is an Apple School of Excellence. Maryville was honored for its Digital World program, which gives students the opportunity to personalize their education in an enhanced technology environment. This award was first awarded to Merville for the 2016-2018 year and then renewed from 2018-2021.
  3. The University of Maryville's online graduate nursing programs have been named in US News & World Report's list of the Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs.
  4. Forbes and Kiplinger Personal Finance have consistently ranked Maryville University as the best private school. Kiplinger's has included Maryville in its list of the Top 100 Valued Private Colleges and Universities seven times. Forbes has included Maryville in its list of "Best Colleges" four times.
  5. Maryville was ranked 13th in the 2013 Collegiate Powers Ranking of the National Collegiate Scout Associations.
  6. Maryville University is one of only three institutions in St. Louis in the National Universities category to be ranked by US News & World Report's Best Colleges Ranking.
  7. Maryville has been honored with the NCAA Division II Presidents Award for Academic Excellence for the past four consecutive years—including one year in which Maryville was the only school in the United States with a 100 percent student-athlete graduation rate.
  8. The University of Maryville was ranked 47th on US News & World Report's 2015 "Best Veterans Colleges" list. The University of Maryville was among more than 280 universities initially considered for inclusion.
  9. Advanced Military Education named the university "Best School" in its 2015 Directory of Friendly Military Universities and Colleges.
  10. The University of Maryville's Gander Dining Hall has received a four-star rating from the Green Dining Alliance in St. Louis for its full adoption of "Standards for Sustainable Restaurant Management and Operations." The Maryville campus dining facility is the first restaurant in St. Louis to win certification.

Why should I go to Maryville University?

Choosing to continue your education is a brave move. It's also a big job. You want to choose the right university - a university with regional accreditation and a reputation for providing respectable, high-quality curricula in an online environment.

The University of Maryville's bachelor's, master's, doctoral, or certificate programs can help you reach any goal you dare set.

For nearly 150 years, we have consistently delivered a high-quality educational experience through the Maryville Approach - an approach that embraces innovation, student-first focus, and a commitment to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Now, online access is allowing more students to pursue higher education and earn their undergraduate degrees - without disrupting their lives.

The University of Maryville is internationally recognized

Maryville has earned a long list of ratings and honors from some noteworthy organizations and publications. And as we grow, so does that list of accomplishments. In fact, the University of Maryville was ranked as the second fastest growing private university in the country by the Chronicle of Higher Education in 2020. Other awards include:

  • Excellence among Forbes' "Best Colleges" (2019)
  • Ranked as a "Best National University" by US News & World Report (2022)
  • Listed as a "Best College Values" school by Kiplinger's Personal Finance (2019)
  • Accredited by the Higher Education Authority
  • Named Apple School of Excellence (2021-2024)

And this is just a sample. You can see the full list on our Ranking and Honors page.

The University of Maryville's motto is "We're In It For Your Success."

When you earn your degree online in Maryville, you get the same high-quality education as our on-campus students. We don't compromise when it comes to academic excellence, and everything we do is designed to be student-centered, so you can be sure you have all the resources and support services you need to succeed in the semester and beyond. The ultimate goal is your success, which is why 96% of our online bachelor's program graduates are either working or entering advanced education programs within six months of graduating.

We even offer an Early Access Program for eligible students that allows you to get a quick start on your graduate studies by taking graduate courses that count toward your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Maryville faculty focuses on you first

Our faculty is a huge part of what makes us different, and the biggest reason for our students' success. No matter which program you choose, you will have the opportunity to learn from a renowned group of industry leaders and subject matter experts with real-world experience and passion to help you excel.

Our faculty are professionals and leaders in their fields who bring their expertise and knowledge to the classroom, but what makes them truly unique is that they study first. They embody Maryville's philosophy of measuring our success through your success - and they are invested in helping you excel in the classroom, in your career, and beyond.

Is Maryville University Catholic?

Maryville University has opened the Newman Center to better serve the spiritual needs of Catholic students. It is part of a comprehensive effort on campus to serve students of all religious traditions. The university also has eight different spiritual groups on campus, and various opportunities to connect students with their faith communities.

The Newman Center office is located in Duchesne Hall on the main campus in western St. Louis County. Father Richard Heyman has established an on-campus presence in recent days to celebrate Mass, share his faith, and direct retreats. “I look forward to helping the students on their spiritual journey,” Heymann says.

A native of St. Louis, Father Heyman was ordained through Kenrick School in St. Louis Parish in 1967. His first assignment was at the Church of the Holy Innocents in St. Louis. He served in many parishes and high schools of the Catholic Diocese. Having recently retired from full-time service, he continues to provide support at SSM Health Center at Saint Mary's and parishes throughout the diocese.

Father Heymann loves teaching and learning. He received his Ph.D. in American Studies from Saint Louis University. He looks forward to serving the Maryville community by serving the sacred lives of Catholic students, inviting them and all students to participate, learn, and speak on issues that affect them and their faith. He also plans to bring speakers to the campus to discuss topics such as medical and ethical ethics and social communication.

Father Heymann will preside over Sunday Mass at 7:30 p.m. At the Huttig Chapel and on Holy Days during the regular school year when classes are in session. It will also offer office hours at the Newman Center. The 19th century English theologian, John Henry Cardinal Newman, wanted Catholic university students to have a place to explore their religious heritage while enriching their souls, hearts, and minds. Inspired by Newman's writings, the first Newman Club was established in the United States in 1893.

Lisa Rael, the wife of the president of Maryville University, was instrumental in bringing the Newman Center to campus. "As a student at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, I found the Newman Center to be a place where my religious life grew. Because of my positive experience, I wanted Catholic students at Maryville University who choose to focus on their spirituality to have the unique opportunities to enrich their faith that the Newman Centers have long provided" .

Roman Catholic Archbishop of St. Louis Robert J. Carlson, who provides spiritual leadership to more than half a million Catholics in eastern Missouri, says, “I am pleased to support the establishment of the Newman Center at Maryville University which provides a special opportunity for college students to engage with their peers on a deeper spiritual level.” Louis Parish and creating a welcoming atmosphere on campus for students to explore their Catholic faith will only strengthen our efforts among the young church.”

The University of Mariville has a Catholic heritage, but the university was converted into a regular Board of Trustees in 1972. The Newman Center allows Mariville to capitalize on its Catholic ties while increasing the ways the university serves the spiritual needs of students. “Maryville has people of all faiths, but it helps us hold on to where we come from,” says Stephen DeSalvo, director of the campus ministry and community service.

What type of school is Maryville University?

Rated as the best value and fastest growing college, the college supports comprehensive education and for this purpose offers many educational courses in a number of fields, and overall performance by organizations such as Forbes, Kiplinger, Higher Education Record and US News & World Report. Apple as a school of excellence for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. Maryville College is one of the few colleges in the country that requires graduate students to complete a comprehensive exam in their major and undertake an intensive graduate thesis.

Is Maryville University private?

Yes, it is a well-known private university, offering a high quality of education with the aim of helping students achieve success. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the university is the second fastest growing private university in the United States.

Are you eligible to receive Maryville University tuition remission or tuition exchange?

Tuition waiver is available to permanent Maryville employees after one year of service as stated in the policy. Undergraduate tuition waiver is available to employees, their spouse/domestic partner, and dependent children. Tuition fees at the master's level extend to staff only.


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