About Business Administration Online 2022

About E-Business Management

The e-Business Administration major can be defined as a type of business management that is conducted online or electronically, as it is considered to be business operations, buying and selling operations that take place over the internet.

About Business Administration Online 2022

"E-Business" in English is called "Electronic Business" and the abbreviation "E-Business" is used to express it and is the most common name for it, as the global company IBM was the first to give this name to a specialty.

E-Business Administration is concerned with all the business activities that use information and communication technology, such as the Internet. It should be noted that this specialization can also be expressed using other common terms:

  •  E-Commerce
  •  E-Marketing - E-Marketing
  •  E-Business Administration - E-Business

The names of Business Administration via the Internet may differ, but they are directed towards the same purpose, which is the exchange of products, services, goods and merchandise between individuals, groups and companies, and the idea the use of technology and the Internet in trade and management. Marketing came to enable companies and institutions to establish external relationships with individuals. Customers and even companies benefit from it.

E-Business Administration includes many routine operations; Including buying and selling online, and customer service. It should be noted that this major combines Business Administration, Commerce and Information Technology. That is, it combines scientific and technological fields for graduates of the Department of Business and E-Commerce.

Personal traits of online entrepreneurs

Perhaps the most important features, qualifications, personal characteristics and abilities that you must possess when you go to study in E-Business Administration are the following:

  •  Proficiency in the culture of dialogue and persuasion
  •  Familiarity with administrative skills
  •  Love to work in a team
  •  Good Communication Skills
  •  Computer, Internet and fax skills
  •  Skill in using social networking sites
  •  Proficiency in formal correspondence via e-mail
  •  Decision-making and decision-making skills
  •  Good skill in statistics, tables and graphs
  •  Driving skills
  •  The ability to solve problems
  •  Good level of English
  •  Planning, arranging, categorizing, controlling and organizing skills
  •  Desire for self-development
  •  Keeping abreast of changes in the business sector
  •  Creativity and the ability to devise new ways to develop the company's goals

What are the competencies of online business administration?

Most of these majors belong to the social sciences, and this major is often attributed to the College of Business or the College of Administrative Sciences in most universities, where it is classified as a management major!

Let's get acquainted with the majors taught in the College of Management:

  • Business Administration
  • Financing
  • Accounting
  • Management information systems
  • Economie
  • Human Resources
  • E-Business Management
  • E-Commerce

Returning to the specialty of electronic business management, we review the most important models, business and activities that this specialization covers in general, and they range from buying, electronic selling, stores and e-commerce.

 Online courses for business administration in colleges

The E-Business Administration major covers areas of study that combine management science and technology, which include information systems, the Internet, databases, accounting, economics, and finance, as well as marketing, business management, and e-commerce. This major, including its subjects, courses and fields, is a scientific path that leads to the support of management science through technology and the Internet. It aims to graduate students who are able to increase the volume of sales, profits and products of the company and achieve high accuracy and speed. The detailed plan for the topics of this specialization includes the following:

  1. Principles of administration
  2. Management information systems
  3. Introduction to E-Business
  4. Principles of Statistics
  5. Principles of Marketing
  6. Principles of Microeconomics
  7. Accounting principles
  8. E-Business Databases - Principles of E-Business Databases
  9. Intelligent Business Systems
  10. leading businesses
  11. E-commerce and e-payment - e-commerce and e-payment
  12. E-Business Models and Processes
  13. Website system security
  14. Website design and management
  15. Development of electronic business systems
  16. E-Business Strategies
  17. E-business applications and tools
  18. Multimedia applications and systems
  19. Ethical and Legal Issues in E-Business
  20. Basics of Information Technology
  21. Information systems project management
  22. Commercial law
  23. E-Business Technologies

Knowing that these titles differ from one university to another, and from one country to another, but they teach the same content that would lead to the goals for which the specialization electronic business management was created.

Number of years studying business administration online

Male and female students spend a period of four years to complete the requirements for studying business administration online, during which students can also finish their studies within three and a half years; Depending on the number of hours and classes they enroll, this is in addition to an internship and a graduation project.


Demand ratio and stagnation ratio

The future of e-business or e-marketing

The demand for the Business Administration major is generally high in different parts of the world as it is the basis for the management, existence and continuity of companies. Although it is a worldwide specialty in demand, it can be saturated or stagnant in some countries, but when is this specialty and technology combined? It will definitely be required.

What does specialty application status mean?

The state of demand for a specialty means that the labor market needs it, and therefore its graduates can find a job.

What does saturation and stagnation mean?

  • Satisfaction means that the labor market in the country is satisfied with this specialty, and therefore it is difficult for its graduates to find a job.

  • And the specialization is not classified as stagnant in European countries, even in Arab countries, because it allows its graduates to work in government departments, educational institutions, and in the private and public sectors.

  • E-business is considered one of the current and future disciplines because business administration is one of the most prevalent disciplines around the world, providing many and varied fields of work, as well as allowing its owners to be promoted with an increase in their degrees.

  • The e-business sector is getting more and more important day by day because it is growing rapidly. It is considered one of the most influential factors in improving the performance of employees, managers, companies, institutions and organizations.

Pros of e-business major

  1. Providing many, varied and multiple job opportunities to specialize in e-business management.
  2. Acquiring knowledge and skills that lead them to the path of success that may lead them to start their own businesses.
  3. Demand for specialization now and in the future.
  4. Save time, effort and cost at times.
  5. Business and e-commerce website design.
  6. Building online commerce business applications and databases in line with developments and electronic developments.
  7. The need of all companies in this field, including schools, universities, institutions, organizations, and the governmental and private sectors.
  8. Keeping up with the modern era.
  9. Facilitate the process of communication between individuals and institutions.
  10. The specialization electronic business administration for a master's study qualifies in any other specialization.
  11. The wages of this specialty are rewarding and can be high.
  12. Safety and job satisfaction.

Disadvantages of e-business management major

  1. Some have a negative view of graduates of this major, and believe that it is one of the easiest majors and does not require much fatigue and hard work, although the truth is the opposite.
  2. The employee cannot receive increases in his salary unless he continues to work on self-development.
  3. Exposing the employee to fatigue.
  4. Feeling bored sometimes with office work and housework.
  5. Exposure to people of different moods and psychological states, and they must be tolerated and dealt with gently.

Specialized areas of work in the management of e-business.

Postgraduate studies elevate your position, and you can enroll in an MBA if you are a graduate of any of the disciplines! Includes multiple and multiple functions; Because they are uncountable and uncountable, including:

  • Consultant in information security and e-commerce
  • Researcher
  • E-Business and Business Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Bank manager
  • Sales manager
  • Managing Director
  • Project manager
  • public relations manager
  • Management consultant
  • Investor
  • merchant
  • Can work in the field of self-employment

Salaries of pioneers in the e-business management sector

The amount of wages online business varies, depending on their level of experience, the country in which they reside, and most of all, the companies they work for. This is due to the presence of major and international companies in this field, where the value of salaries in this field is rewarding and constantly increases as a person develops himself and his skills.


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