Learn about the 5 most beautiful beacons that are exposed to dangerous matters

 This lighthouses of the sea leads you to safety, in addition to that it limits you directions, warns you of dangers such as coral reefs, rocks or Islands, and facilitates the way for you; All you have to do is follow the light.

 Even if you've never set foot on an ocean-going ship, lighthouses have a certain gravity and a dangerous face, too. Standing beacons shining in the night, their rays piercing the darkness, and giving hope to everyone who sees them in good times and bad alike. 

Their worthy purpose means that they are often found in remote and stunning places, subject to all kinds of weather and withstanding earthquakes. Check out The most beautiful beacons that are exposed to dangerous matters



5: Stromboli Yu Lighthouse

Learn about the 5 most beautiful beacons that are exposed to dangerous matters

The Stromboli Yu Lighthouse in Stromboli, Italy is possibly one of the most extreme lighthouses in the world. A month's stay at the Stromboli Yu Lighthouse may seem like a great vacation to some, but when you realize you're the only one for miles, it might be Things get sour before you know it.

 The Stromboli Yu Lighthouse is located on a volcanic formation in the Turanian Sea. The remote Stromboli Yu Lighthouse was built more than a hundred years ago; In 1905, when the tip of the island erupted to form a flat area, but in fact it is located on the "basalt rock" which is the only remnant of a volcano that eroded about two hundred thousand years ago. From afar, it The lighthouse may look like a castle.

 But according to Greek mythology, the volcanic island was once the home of the wind ruler Aeolus, the weather controller, so what makes the Stromboli Yu Lighthouse so dangerous apart from the winds it brought you, courtesy of the Greek gods, you have to climb the island to reach the temple The trek is certainly very dangerous, due to the steep cliffs, the above winds and wet rocks, just imagine a lighthouse keeper having to make this trek is just another day's work I guess.

4:  St. George Reef Lighthouse

Learn about the 5 most beautiful beacons that are exposed to dangerous matters

St. George Reef Lighthouse is one of the most dangerous lighthouses in this world, off the beautiful coast of California. It is St. George's Lighthouse, one of the most extreme.

 The expression St. George Reef Light is underwater, because waves hitting the lighthouse from every direction. The location of the Light was chosen on North West Seal Rock, part of the "Dragon Rocks" line called Sir Francis Drake, after numerous accidents and the heavy wreck of Brother Jonathan on July 30, 1865. The loss of dignitaries on the steamer was an impetus for the Light's approval; However, it took until 1892 to be completed due to the changing availability of federal construction funds in contrast to the typical lighthouse design of Federal architect Ammi B. Foundation 50 feet (15 m) high.

Made up of St. George Reef Lighthouse is 12 stories, has an interesting history, construction of St. George Reef Lighthouse began in the late 19th century. For starters, five masons died, though his lighthouse was never completed.

Whether or not the St. George Reef Lighthouse has saved countless seafaring ships, from wrecked shipwrecks, from rocks or otherwise.

 There were a lot of guards asking for transfers, and even more resignations from the station there were reports that some guards went crazy? Because of mental breakdowns from a lack of supplies, and a prolonged, prolonged isolation that must have come through the people residing in the civilization, but no one has come. And that those interactions, the things in which the guards were, were usually the only ones and he died of extreme isolation so that death could finish their work.

3: Capria Lighthouse

Learn about the 5 most beautiful beacons that are exposed to dangerous matters

Imagine that you are at the top of the Capria lighthouse with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea on the Italian Tremiti Islands. The most extreme lighthouses are exposed to very dangerous things and the Capria lighthouse has been subjected to collapse due to earthquakes, wind speed and geologic factors, so that the walls of the Capria lighthouse are cracking and collapsing due to erosion.

 The Capria lighthouse was built in 1868, and the lighthouse keeper has been out working on the Capria lighthouse since 1980. The island is now completely uninhabited, and the only way to get there is by helicopter, by boat, but Gold boats are in danger because of earthquakes.

2: Troubridge Island Lighthouse

Learn about the 5 most beautiful beacons that are exposed to dangerous matters

The British Empire is one of the largest empires throughout history as its rule reached many and wide far and wide, traveling by ships as much as this meant that where they were traveling by travel a lot, relying on lighthouses at night mainly, the British Empire built a lot of lighthouses on its coast, the most notable of which was the Troubridge Island Lighthouse

Troubridge Island Lighthouse is located on Troubridge Island, on the main road to Adelaide, to the west known as Detective Strait. It is the passage of water between Kangaroo Island and the Yorke Peninsula. Embracing the shallow waters of the York Peninsula, the island was the cause of approximately 33 shipwrecks.

 This is a dangerous Troubridge Island Lighthouse located off the York Peninsula in South Australia. Built in 1856 to guide sailors, the 79-foot-tall Troubridge Island Lighthouse. Cast iron or cast iron, in order to withstand earthquakes and fires, we would use the erosion factors and the salts resulting from the lighthouse slowly eroding; Which puts the Troubridge Island Lighthouse now in danger of collapsing with each passing day.

 The Troubridge Island Lighthouse stands at the edge of Troubridge Island, at the foot of the water, on the shore, and when winter comes the Troubridge Island Lighthouse is in prime danger. It was a perilous place to work. Fortunately, it was decommissioned in 2002.

1: Pigeon Point Lighthouse by Galen Wolf

Learn about the 5 most beautiful beacons that are exposed to dangerous matters

We had a look at a lighthouse that risks falling into the sea, and here is one entrance that is already there

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse by Galen Wolf, located in northern Brazil, is still standing, but during high tide its base is in the water. The Pigeon Point Lighthouse by Galen Wolf was opened in 1931, and it was built on land again, Like the lighthouses mentioned in this list, where erosion factors made their way into a structure. The structure is 45 feet high.

Normally Brazil has left all its lighthouses under the control of the Navy, but the Pigeon Point Lighthouse by Galen Wolf does not fall under that entirely; It is still active today, but time is clearly running out, as it stands on a sandy beach and is an area of ​​popular tourist destinations

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