Learn about the 4 most extreme beacons around the world

Learn about the 4 most extreme beacons around the world
Waves hit the lighthouse (St. Joe) in the United States

These sea lighthouses can lead you to some really amazing places - all you have to do to get to them is follow the light. Where the Egyptian pharaohs used those lighthouses to guide ships through the sea water.

But the tides make waves hitting the lighthouse constantly from all directions. When waves hitting the lighthouse it creates a very attractive scene. In addition to places wonderful lighthouses, albeit often lonely. But they are often found in remote and stunning places, subject to all kinds of weather. And we'll take a look  4 MOST EXTREME LIGHTHOUSES AROUND THE WORLD. 

4: Saint Joseph's Lighthouse is one of the most extreme lighthouses

Learn about the 4 most extreme beacons around the world

At remember the most extreme lighthouses around the world, we must not forget St. Joseph’s Lighthouse, where the history of St. Joseph’s Lighthouse dates back to 1832, when waves hitting the St. Joseph’s Lighthouse on the eastern side of Lake Michigan in the United States of America .

So what did you make St. Joseph's Lighthouse? And How tall is Saint Joseph's Lighthouse? And what is the shape of that lighthouse?

  • St. Joseph's Lighthouse was made of a steel structure.
  • St. Joseph's Lighthouse is 24 feet tall on one side.
  • St. Joseph's Lighthouse in the form of a pyramidal roof, sitting on top of the roof is an octagonal tower rising two more floors above the main structure.

The platform will take you from the top of the structure to the sidewalk, but if you are about to make this walk, make sure you don't do it during the winter months, because it is one of the (more extreme beacons during the winter when it gets really dangerous, as its 24 feet high does not prevent The waves that hit the lighthouse.

Learn about the 4 most extreme beacons around the world
At the mouth of the St. Joseph River, St. Joseph's Lighthouse becomes frozen by a gigantic glacier, and this happens to be blown away by the wind.


It's not the kind of place you want to be during a severe storm or any kind of winter storm for that matter. However, St. Joseph's Lighthouse for Tourism is a powerful expression, because it is one of the most beautiful landscapes.

3: Point Bonita Lighthouse is one of the most extreme lighthouses

Learn about the 4 most extreme beacons around the world

The Bonita Point Lighthouse is one of the most extreme lighthouses on the planet; It is still a "dangerous beacon" because of its treacherous location, even reaching the front door, means a half-mile walk through "waves hitting the lighthouse", which can often turn into very strong winds, with salt water hitting your face. on all the way.

On the southwest end of the Marine Headlands, this lighthouse is still a favored site for tourists, and is maintained by the US Coast Guard. But how to get to Point Bonita lighthouse.
Here it is divided into two ways:

  • From San Francisco:

  1. Head north across the Golden Gate Bridge, exit Alexander Street, just behind Vista Point.
  2. Drive about 0.2 miles on Alexander Street, then turn left onto Bunker Road (marked with brown: Fort Baker / Marin Headlands Tunnel Road).
  3. Drive to the one-way Baker Barry Tunnel, which is controlled by a light. When the light is green, continue through the tunnel.
  4. Stay on Bunker Road for approximately two miles.
  5. Turn left onto Field Road, follow the sign to the visitor center.
  6. The visitor's center will appear to your right, in a historic military chapel; Continue to Point Bonita car park. The parking lot is on the right side of the road and the following sign will appear in front of it: Parking: Disability; Battery Alexander Point; (Bonita Lighthouse) Bird Island Coastal Corridor.

  • From East Bay / North Bay:

  1. Head south on Highway 101.
  2. Take the second Sausalito exit (just before the Golden Gate Bridge), turn right, and go back down the highway. After some distance, turn left at Bunker Road (brown sign, Fort Baker/Marin Headlands Tunnel Road).
  3. Follow the directions from  above.

Bonita Point is about 33 feet high, but the structure lighthouse itself is perched on rocks about 130 feet above water, and while you may be safe inside this lighthouse, it is the area itself that makes it such a dangerous place; The waters of San Francisco Bay are notorious for being pretty rough, so you can just imagine the kind of waves hitting the rocks at Bonita Point; But in the nearly 200 years since its inception, there have been at least 300 shipwrecks in the surrounding waters, the United States Coast Guard maintains a light at Bonita Lighthouse, and while the hull's purpose is to let you know you're close to port The current is tough, it's up to the captain of the ship to take you there safe and sound.

2: The lighthouse Faro Castillo del Morro

Learn about the 4 most extreme beacons around the world
Faro Castillo del Morro lighthouse, at night

If you are ever sailing towards Spain, you may be greeted by the light Morro Lighthouse in Santander, The Lighthouse on the island of Morro well known among sailors.

 The lighthouse Faro Castillo del Morro on the island of cuba was built around 1845; And she required the men to keep the lighthouse Faro Castillo del Morro running and running, and when they had been working in the lighthouse for months as if they were locked up for a month. The Faro Castillo del Morro lighthouse could withstand the most severe storms that the Atlantic could throw at it.

 But in 1865 it was at great cost, when one of the lighthouse keepers lost his life, after waves hitting the lighthouse so hard that another guard inside died, but due to the difficulty of accessing the island, he remained there until the sea calmed down, three accidents occurred When the son of the light keeper slipped on the rocks and fell to his death...... Although the lighthouse is one of the most extreme lighthouses due to its horrific and dangerous history, it still serves as an important navigation point, but it is closed to the public.... .

Learn about the 4 most extreme beacons around the world
Waves hitting the lighthouse Faro Castillo del Morro

1: Eddystone Lighthouse is known as one of the most extreme lighthouses in the UK

Learn about the 4 most extreme beacons around the world

Know Addystone Lighthouse Of the more extreme lighthouses and due to the harsh environment, because of the harsh environment lighthouses need to be taken care of, so it is important to make sure that there is a safe and somewhat comfortable way, so that the guards can get there.

  1. Many people ask why is Eddystone Lighthouse famous?

  • As far back as when the Eddystone Lighthouse was built on the reef of the same name, about 10 miles from Rame Head in southeast Cornwall, Eddystone Lighthouse is certainly one of the most famous towers around the world. The current tower is the fifth to protect these waters, and dates back to 1882, although there has been light here since 1698.

The Eddystone Lighthouse was erected, celebrated by the English people in folk tales and sailor traditions, and it stands on the Eddystone Lighthouse, 14 miles from Plymouth. The Great Storm of 1703 swept the First Lighthouse (1696-1999), built of wood, designed by Henry Winstanley.

In 1755 John Smeaton (1756-1759) built Edison's Third Lighthouse entirely of interlocking stone, according to a plan that revolutionized the construction of such towers. It stood until it was replaced in 1882 by the current structure, which rises 133 feet (40 m) above the water, and was designed by Sir James N. Douglas.

  1.  But why is the Eddystone Lighthouse so far from the beach?

  •  It wouldn't be easier for everyone if it was built close to civilization well, it turns out that the corals in that area, can reach their head above water, during low tide, which makes it incredibly dangerous for passing ships, especially since this area is exposed to traffic Great too, but as dangerous as it is here, it has been rebuilt four times since its inception which proves how important this landmark is.

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