We can all agree that there are a variety of things that no one in this world wants to do and being electrocuted is at the top of that list for most people. This unfortunately happens to people although we always watch movies where people take off but have you ever wondered what really happens when this kind of thing happens? Well, here are 10 things most people don't know about electrocution.



10: Electricity does not enter the body


We've all seen the movie where someone does something that involves electricity and for some reason the electricity is visible to the person watching it in the form of a bright flowing energy that flows from the cable or the body directly into the person in some kind of wave. Well, this part of the flowing electricity is completely wrong even if it is only on a technical basis

What actually happens is that the current is sent through your body and the electrons inside your body become very energetic particles. Your electrical charge is carried inside and the energy will curve to the easiest way out. In the same way, water does not boil because fire ends inside it, but water boils due to a change in the energy of its molecules. People are shocked by the change in their atomic structure.

9: Our bodies can be thrown across the room


Another metaphor of being electrocuted is when we see a person flying across a room essentially laden with energy and released from the sheer force of the shock being applied. Well, the electricity will make you flow through the room like a giant rag doll, at least somewhat.

While the effect is real, it's not the sudden surge of electricity that bothers you with a ghostly hand. In nature's version of "Why Beat Yourself", electrocution actually causes nerves in your body to misfire and can send yourself flying by jumping. These muscle contraction mechanisms may also require a change of underwear where your body can empty itself. 

8: Heart failure


Vital organs operate on very subtle mechanisms inside the human body without us giving much thought to them. Our lungs inhale and exhale our heart beats in a certain rhythm and everything else depends on the blood and oxygen provided by these two people. When someone gets dumped, we know it can be fatal.

It is very possible for you to be electrocuted and not suffer damage to any major vital organs as a current would follow the easiest route to get to something grounded. In addition to avoiding electrical shock, avoiding the passage of electrical current through the heart is a big reason not to hold a person's hand to try to pull it off the electrical current. As the current passes through the heart, the organ essentially ruptures and begins to beat and pump the rhythm in a process called fibrillation. Even after the current is removed, the fibrillation can persist and lead to a rapid demise.

7: Wounds, concussions and broken bones


Accidents of Electrical Burns to Organs While among the most terrifying of electrocution incidents, they are not the most common injuries sustained during the process. Since the current runs through your body and randomly launches all the electrical processes that control the muscles, it is not unusual to see a person's body begin to convulse violently and this is where many people get hurt during such an event.

While your body twitches and jerks from side to side, it doesn't happen in a vacuum and the world around you can cause some serious damage. Signs of blunt force shock along the body are seen in many victims whether it's your head hitting the concrete below or you're kicking the ground/walls with all your inhuman strength and smashing your toes. Broken bones can be very painful in the recovery phase because your body cannot stop itself from continuing to cramp and use a broken limb from repeatedly bumping into the things that initially broke it.

6: It can receive static shock from small electrical appliances


Everyone had this uncomfortable sensation of reaching for a loved one only to be met with a sharp spark of electricity jumping up and shocking them again. For the record, it's okay to blame this guy, we all do. However, what we don't expect is to feel a static shock due to a harmless isolated device, such as headphones.

The materials in most headphones and amplifiers are very favorable to the formation of static electricity, thus their users can receive a slight to significant electric shock. Even the major brands have this problem and warn about defective products on their websites, but in the worst circumstances, accumulation and being close to your head can lead to fatal consequences. A young boy was electrocuted to death when his phone received an electric shock through his charger and continued through headphone jacks to give his body a life-ending jolt.

5: Some bacteria can eat pure electricity


Anyone with any interest in biology can tell you that life is a flexible thing. Every corner of the world is filled with microbes of all kinds with all kinds of unique abilities to thrive. Extreme organisms can live in ice or even in space and we all know about the durability of tardigrades but what most people don't realize are electron-eating bacteria and microbes.

In fairly recent studies, simply sticking an electrode in the ground can attract these microbes' attention and reach for whatever they can eat at the buffet. Always confused, the scientists began poking their electrodes in all sorts of places to discover that these bacteria were indeed ubiquitous, and pulled them from just about every imaginable place including hard rock. As of 2015 when the study was initially published, there were 8 different bacteria feeding pure electricity, and as this field is studied further, more will surely be discovered.

4: Water is not a good conductor


Everyone knows that water is incredibly great for sending an electric shock to every slightly wet creature in the vicinity. Popular culture might make you think it does such a great job that you can basically throw a potato watch into a puddle of water and stop people from dying in their tracks. But what if I told you you were wrong about water?

That's right, water is actually a terrible conductor of electricity. It can hardly create any flow between its molecules from one molecule to another due to its lack of unstable electrons. However, we all know in the real world that electricity flows through water fairly well. This is actually due to dissolved solids like minerals and minerals in the water. So the next time you see someone getting killed by an electric pond, start a lively conversation with your friends about why they most likely want the pond to be ultra-pure distilled water.

3: Your eyes melt


Your eyes are wonderful tools in your body. They are among some of our most refined organs in terms of sensitivity and purpose. It is made up of many parts that are each delicate and precise and you were never supposed to be electrocuted.

We have already discussed that it is your body itself that electrocutes you as we know it and causes the burns that we associate with such an event. However, due to the moist nature of the nerves, the eye can get especially bad. Because of the eyes' set of electronic signals along with their makeup, getting an electric shock strong enough or long enough will actually cause the eyes to melt into the milky-looking mixture.

2: Your skin can turn to charcoal


The scientific term for this is carbonation and it is a major turning point in your experience with electrocution. This happens when your meat becomes extra crunchy and obstructs the flow of electricity.

While obstructing the flow of electricity sounds like a good thing for someone to be killed by someone, well, electricity the main problem is that at the point where your skin starts to break down, you probably aren't in the best shape already. The burns you would normally suffer during a massive electrocution can cause your meat to char, making you more fragile than a burnt bacon. This can be one of the most painful aspects of anyone lucky enough to survive such a massive jolt.

1: It can change your mind!


Most people realize that our brains are very fragile things. They're wrapped in bone around them for a reason after all and we've all seen the dangers of our brains taking drugs. It should come as no surprise then that being electrocuted isn't that great for them either.

Electricity has a way of frying the brain faster than that egg in the drug warning mentioned above. However, what some people don't realize is that like drugs they can alter brain chemistry.

Lightning strikes are the oldest form of electrical death and also among the worst forms of death for our brains, despite some methods of execution. One of the hardest things for survivors and their families to deal with is changes in the victims themselves. Personality changes, memory loss, and mood swings are all very common after Zeus uses you as a target practice. It is due to brain chemistry that certain parts of your brain are damaged and other parts change, and the chemical requirements of your brain are often not met properly. Fortunately, these symptoms usually disappear within a few weeks or months, but in rare cases they last a lifetime.

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